Sexy Stocking Stuffers

housands of Items Under $10 Only at Yandy!

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 14, 2011

Christmas Eve is only days away and if Santa is in need of a little help finding something to stuff those wives or girlfriends stockings with, then look no further than, online retailer of lingerie and costumes. With more than 2,000 products for under $10, Santa can fill those stockings to the brim without emptying his wallet.

Yandy is offering unique stocking stuffers this Christmas just for that special someone for the lowest prices online. With more than 2,000 babydolls, chemises, hoisery, lingerie teddys and so much more, there is something for every kind of woman at Yandy this Christmas.

For the more adventurous woman, a sexy teddy like the stretch red, halter top teddy with crossed straps for only $5.95 or the naughty list babydoll that includes a sheer mesh, marabou trimmed babydoll with thong and eye mask for $5.95 are ideal adult stocking stuffers. If Santa is looking for someone more on the nice list rather than the naughty list then a sleepwear item like the red and white, polka dot print romper for $4.95 is perfect.

Also, Yandy’s five, mix and match, panties for $20 makes for a great stocking stuffer idea for any woman. Select any five panties, including thongs, g-strings, hipsters or boyshorts, for the low price of only $20.

In addition to the huge selection and low prices, all of these items also come in small packages, ideal for slipping in to any stocking. Yandy also offers free shipping on all orders over $70 and a complimentary panty with every order.

Lingerie chain La Senza may go bust

THOUSANDS more high street jobs are at risk after it emerged sexy undies chain LA SENZA could go bust.

Sources last night said its owners had brought in restructuring experts to consider options “including administration”.

La Senza runs 158 stores and employs more than 2,600 staff.

Sky News said owners LION CAPITAL could still decide to slash stores rather than tip the chain into administration.

But it came as the PM’s high street tsar Mary Portas admitted “thousands” more shops could close in a radical review of the future of the high street. She said: “High streets will never be what they were.”

Wicked amazing: Veneri reinvents thrifty style

“My thing for vintage comes from my Italian parents’ cleaning service,” says Tammy Venneri, owner of Wicked Thrift on  Route 28 in West Dennis. “Their customers came from very old money in Greenwich, Conn. The women let me play with their clothes, telling stories about wearing the fabulous dresses back in the day.”

Growing up, Venneri was known as “that funky music kid.” Following high school, she pursued her singer/songwriter dreams at New York University, later moving to Nashville to try her wings on the business side of the music industry. “There’s no doubt that I am hardwired to be an entrepreneur,” she says.  “It was a matter of getting fed up with a 9-5 office job. Now I have my wicked business. It’s simple fun.”

Venneri has doubled her floor space since opening in the spring of 2010. All her merchandise comes through trade, making the shop locally sustainable. Customers exchange their merchandise for either store credit for 50 percent of the resale value or 30 percent cash on the spot. “Either way, we both win,” Venneri says. “Once customers walk out the door, the items are mine and they have gotten rid of things they no longer want.”

There’s an assortment of vintage men’s clothing, including a wool U.S. Navy jumper, red plaid slacks and those inimitable 1970s polyester leisure suits in harvest gold, rust and pea green. “Adam Sandler’s costume director came in and bought several hundred dollars’ worth of ‘70s and  ‘80s clothing, shoes and jewelry,” Venneri says. “I thought she was kidding, but her credit card said, “I Hate You, Dad!”

Contemporary treasure chest

Since haute couture revived the vintage look, particularly in evening and bridal gowns, Venneri’s dated merchandise is 2011 chic.

Take a white-brocade, off-shoulder princess gown circa 1980 selling for just $35. Pair it with an $8 pair of elbow-length white rouche gloves, and “Ooh, la-la!” Just grab your choice of white or silver pumps to complete a stunning bridal ensemble. For the trousseau, select from lacy penoir sets in sheer black and demure white.

Pointing to a pair of hot-pink, cuffed leather boots that have drawn drooling adoration from many a teenager, Venneri says they haven’t sold—yet. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, they’re waiting for the perfect young lady to slip them on.

The shop literally offers something for everyone, including men’s clothing and accessories. There’s a large selection of “wicked cool” suspenders alongside leather vests and pants, boots and shoes. Stacks of Ralph Lauren sweaters, Aeropostale and Nautica sweatshirts and gently worn jeans (think Calvin Klein, LL Bean, Harley Davidson, Banana Republic, Wrangler and Levi) attract teenagers and their dads. Those seeking a more formal look love Venneri’s selection of cashmere overcoats.

With the holidays approaching, Wicked Thrift is busier than ever. “People love my gift certificates, and whole families are going green, buying only recycled gifts that don’t break the budget,” Venneri says. Her designer sweaters, blouses, slacks, dresses, handbags, shoes and coats are reasonably priced and in excellent condition.

If you need something that you’ll only wear once, you can return it for cash or credit. “You should have seen this place before Halloween,” Venneri says. ” Last year’s Halloween costumes were new for this year’s shoppers. Now people are looking for costumes for Christmas pageants and formal wear for holiday parties. Half of what I sell has only been worn once and will come back to be sold again. This is way too much fun for me to ever get bored!”

Miami gets its own official smell

You say Cuban coffee and curry? Sand and sea? Lechón and lox?

All that, for sure. But for the professional perfume people visiting Miami Beach for a marketing conference on scents, the smell of South Florida comes in a bottle and was spritzed all over the place Thursday.

Rene Morgenthaler, a Swiss master perfumer based in New Jersey, created “the scent of Miami,” a signature fragrance meant to capture what this place is all about.

So what’s in the bottle? Only the nose knows.

“I hesitate to go by ingredients, so I go by emotions,” said Morgenthaler, who has cooked up Polo Extreme by Ralph Lauren, Sheer Obsession by Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion for Men.

“The Miami scent is exciting. It has that sensuality. It’s the sun, sea, the spirit of Miami.”

Actually, the scent of Miami smells faintly of citrus and baby powder. No one who tried it, dabbing it on wrists and behind ears, turned up their noses.

Now that Miami has an official scent, the people who promote the region can unleash it. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau did so Wednesday night.

The creator said he spoke to several Miamians before finalizing the smell, giving him assurance of authenticity.

“When visitors smell this, it will take them right back to Miami,” Morgenthaler said.

“It’s fresh, it’s clean. Reminds me of when I lived in South Beach. A different type of feel,” said Jennifer Dublino, organizer of the Scent World 2011 Conference at the Gansevoort Miami Beach Hotel.

“I live in Boca now. This scent has that hustle and bustle. If Boca had a scent, it would have a completely different scent. Boca’s a little sleepy.”

At the expo, dozens of global experts presented research, strategies of scent and sensory marketing, and showcased their distinct marketing solutions. One expert swore by the scent of cotton candy.

Outside on the street, regular folk who took a whiff of Miami’s signature smell liked what they inhaled.

“The aroma is very fruity. Smells like palm trees, salty air. A tropical and beachy atmosphere,” said Danny Sommer, 48.

Luis Castillo, of Miami, senses something is missing.

“It smells like oranges, very citrus-like, but still not Miami-like,” said Castillo, 28. “The Cuban coffee is not in there.”

Dita Von Teese Models Her New Lingerie Line

The burlesque queen has a new line of lingerie coming out in Australia called Von Follies, and she’s showing off the goods in some sexy and downright gorgeous promo pics.

“It was important to me to accomplish the task of making these beautiful things in sizes that can make any woman feel sexy and glamorous, and I’m very proud that we have been able to do that, while keeping prices affordable,” Dita says of the line, which will be available at Target.

You can tell the pieces are Dita-inspired, with vintage-looking high-waisted briefs, over-wire bras, garter belts and lace

Buying lingerie for your honeymoon

A model presents a creation by Colombian designer Veronica Ardila.
1 Practical buys: While everyone plans to look sensuous and romantic for the honeymoon, it is important that you buy lingerie that is practical too. Select some beautiful and sexy pairs of braziers and panties but keep in mind the comfort factor. Also, don’t go for heavy embroidery
with rosette patterns on lingerie as their seams will show through in the outfit you wear.

A model presents a creation by Colombian designer Veronica Ardila.
1 Practical buys: While everyone plans to look sensuous and romantic for the honeymoon, it is important that you buy lingerie that is practical too. Select some beautiful and sexy pairs of braziers and panties but keep in mind the comfort factor. Also, don’t go for heavy embroidery
with rosette patterns on lingerie as their seams will show through in the outfit you wear.
3 Baby doll look: Select some short, flowy nightwear for honeymoon. Pick some nice styles such as sexy baby dolls, slips, spaghetti strap dress, corsets and also select matching robes or a cover-up for each teddy or slips.
4 Sensuous appeal: While purchasing nightwear, look out for sexy patterns and smooth fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, Chantilly lace and mesh as these fabrics are in demand. Also buy some intimate wear in animal prints, floral prints, which will surely create a seductive effect.

Anything and Everything Fashion!

Are you ever in need of a plain tee, v-neck, tank, scarf, pants, etc.? Then I have the perfect stores for you.

Forever21, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart are perfect places to find exactly what you’re looking for at a cheap price.

Forever21 is the place where you want to go if you’re looking for a comfy v-neck, tee, tank, or scarf. They all come in a variety of colors and styles at affordable prices. Tops (just basics) can be anywhere from $2.50- $18, Pants (black, white, and jeans) are anywhere from $9 - $33, and Scarves can be $5 - $25. I even found a scarf online for $4.66 when I selected “Low price”, which lists the items from least expensive to most expensive.

Old Navy is where you should go if you’re looking for a nicer basic. They have casual wear, but for the most part their basics are dressier. Knit Tops- tanks range from $5 - $25, short-sleeve $4 - $25, long-sleeve $9 - $25. Another item that Old Navy is great for-flip-flops. There is a big selection of colors and the prices are as low as $2.

Finally Wal-Mart is a convenient stop for emergencies. Go there for every day basics such as socks, underwear, sweats, jackets, and t-shirts. Although the prices of  these items vary, Wal-Mart is known for their extremely low prices.

Young Adult

A Paramount release presented with Mandate Pictures of a Mr. Mudd production in association with Right of Way Films and Denver & Delilah Films. Produced by Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith, Diablo Cody, Mason Novick, Jason Reitman. Executive producers, Nathan Kahane, John Malkovich, Steven Rales, Helen Estabrook. Co-producers, Kelli Konop, Mary Lee, Beth Kono. Directed by Jason Reitman. Screenplay, Diablo Cody.
Mavis Gary - Charlize Theron
Matt Freehauf - Patton Oswalt
Buddy Slade - Patrick Wilson
Beth Slade - Elizabeth Reaser
Sandra Freehauf - Collette Wolfe
Hedda Gary - Jill Eikenberry
David Gary - Richard Bekins
Jan - Mary Beth Hurt
American comedies have spent the last few years exploring the idea of the man-child — physically mature, but mentally stuck somewhere between high school and adulthood. Now we meet his female counterpart, and it’s not a pretty sight. So much the better: Reteaming pop-savvy scribe Diablo Cody with “Juno” director Jason Reitman, “Young Adult” revels in breaking the rules of safe Hollywood storytelling, casting Charlize Theron as an emotionally stunted YA novelist with limited appeal and no tidy character arc. A B.O. gamble, the deliberately prickly pic courageously risks offending audiences to arrive at a truth beyond its genre’s normal grasp.

Cody has found herself in the media crosshairs after the overnight acclaim of “Juno,” and though the snark-meister has managed to sustain her unique brand through a mix of Twitter updates, Entertainment Weekly columns and edgy writing assignments (”Jennifer’s Body,” “The United States of Tara”), “Young Adult” will surely be the make-it-or-break-it project in many people’s estimation of her talents. Rather than play it safe, Cody spins a personal case of writer’s block — possibly inspired by her gig adapting “Sweet Valley High” for screen — into a deeply unflattering, semi-autobiographical takedown of adult-onset insecurity and egotism, inventing the story of a self-absorbed teen-lit novelist who returns home to rekindle things with the now-married boyfriend she dated in high school.

Theron plays Mavis Gary — beautiful, successful and a mess. Mavis long ago achieved her goal of escaping the perceived oppression of small-town Mercury, Minn., to live the dream in Minneapolis. So why is she so unhappy? “Young Adult” is hip to the answer, but never preaches it outright: When people can hardly stand to be around themselves, they continue to run from and reinvent their lives until they address the fact that the root of their dissatisfaction lies within.

Though Mavis is undoubtedly fashioned from aspects of her creator’s own personality, the operating idea here seems to be that people don’t change. The high-school queen bee will always be insufferable, and her fitting punishment will be having to live with herself — which is precisely Mavis’ situation when the film opens: divorced and getting by on TV dinners and one-night stands in a dumpy caricature of her cosmopolitan ideal.

In such straits, an innocuous email announcing the birth of her old flame’s baby is all it takes to send Mavis’ mind back to the glory days, when she and football star Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson, reprising his laid-back “prom king” aura from “Little Children”) were the school’s cutest couple. On the surface, “Young Adult” is about Mavis’ delusional quest to steal her former beau away from new wife Beth (Elizabeth Reaser in a sly supporting turn). Deeper down, the film engages with the concept of maturity in a culture that celebrates such youthful ideals as beauty and instant gratification.

In Mavis’ case, writing pulp melodramas for the Noxzema set encourages her to stay stuck in an adolescent mindset. However, since comedy is tragedy that happens to other people, the film easily plays as satire, following in the same vein as Alexander Payne’s shrewdly observant, gently condescending Midwestern portraits, featuring character moments so true, one can’t help but laugh in pained recognition.

While Cody settles on a less singular yet still piquant voice for her contempo characters than the one heard in “Juno,” Reitman and his cast expertly manage the film’s tricky tone. Even so, “Young Adult” seems content to remain small, retreating from Mavis’ climactic moment of catharsis to deliver an ending that breaks yet another long-standing Hollywood rule, as the flawed heroine stares self-realization in the face and consciously decides not to learn from her experience.

In a film intent on authenticity, it’s no coincidence that Mavis seems to be surrounded by inane reality-TV programming. Real life is messier than that, as demonstrated by the film’s most sympathetic character, a former classmate named Matt Freehauf who was crippled by the cool kids during a miscalculated gay-bashing incident. In a poignant, career-redefining performance by comedian Patton Oswalt, Matt has every right to be resentful, and yet, he’s coped with his adolescent issues better than Mavis.

Mavis, by contrast, comes across like a vampire straight out of one of the supernatural YA book series so popular these days. Shying away from the sun, she eavesdrops on real teens for story ideas and stalks Buddy and his new family, oblivious to the damage she’s capable of inflicting on others.

For Theron, this represents a different kind of performance from “Monster” and “North Country,” for which she won plaudits while allowing herself to look superficially unattractive. Here, the actress plays closer to home, inviting auds to observe the process by which she makes herself beautiful, painting on makeup, clipping her nails and attaching hair extensions to disguise her physical flaws. But the scowl etched on her face reveals the ugliness within, demonstrating a naked candor — one that extends to the screenplay itself — that’s plenty admirable, in part because it’s so squirm-inducing to behold.

Christmas bargains and more at frock market

Rummaging through their wardrobes, the ladies of the county town brought along all those winter clothes they didn’t wear last year, those they bought on impulse and then wished they hadn’t, and those that no longer fit.

Those who were selling filled rack after rack and those who were buying had plenty to choose from. There was evening wear, jumpers, trousers, skirts, dresses, tops, coats, and shoes to help replenish the wardrobe, with everyone keen to purchase some “new-to-you” additions to their personal fashion collections. And WAND retained 30 per cent commission on each sale to help support Dorset Women’s Day.

To accompany the Frock Market, WAND had also organised a Christmas fayre for those extra special stocking fillers and Christmas gifts.

Molly Rennie was on hand with some clever marketing to raise money for West Dorset Women’s Refuge. Delicate china cups and saucers were sold as ideal presents for anyone taking part in a “Secret Santa”, with Molly herself giving excellent advice as to how you could fill the cups.

Everywhere you looked there were handmade cards, gift tags, Christmas decorations, and stocking fillers. Toys, gifts, jewellery, handbags, quilts, beautiful silk and cashmere scarves, and fabric covered notebooks were all there to tempt the shopper.

Cath Coffin Creative Jewellery, Happy Pink, Little Spinney hand-crafted cards, and wonderful t-shirts from Compassionate Dorset all created a lovely Christmas shopping experience. And Santa’s Secrets were there with their amazing handmade stockings and gift bags, delightful gift boxes and bottle bags, and tempting assortment of decorations.

For those who are unfamiliar with WAND, this is an organisation open to any women aged 16 plus who live or work anywhere in Dorset. They foster a sense of community amongst the women of the county, and engage in social events such as cinema and shopping trips.

They campaign on women’s issues such as sexual and mental health, breastfeeding and maternity services, and act as a consultative body helping public bodies to fulfill their legal duties under the Equality Act 2010.

They offer support for women on a whole range of special issues, and use the knowledge and experience of members to signpost useful organisations and services of benefit to women. And finally, they host debates and conferences on women’s issues. Now five years old, they have more than 500 members.

Sexy lingerie ads land M&S in hot water for being ’socially irresponsible’

Two racy lingerie adverts have got parents hot under the collar. More than a dozen parents complained about the ‘overtly sexual’ Marks & Spencer ads, which were posted on the side of buses and could easily be seen by children.

The Advertising Standards Authority cleared one of the adverts but found the other – showing a stockinged woman kneeling on a bed with her legs wide apart – to be in breach of regulations regarding ’social responsibility’.

It said: ‘We considered that the pose of the woman kneeling on the bed was overtly sexual, as her legs were wide apart, her back arched and one arm above her head with the other touching her thigh.

‘We also noted that the woman in this image wore stockings. We considered that the image was of an overtly sexual nature and was therefore unsuitable for untargeted outdoor display, as it was likely to be seen by children.

The ASA added: ‘We concluded that the ad was socially irresponsible.’